Hydraulic Disperser

Hydraulic High Speed Disperser


High Speed Disperser

  • Hydraulic High Speed Disperser is Suitable for Paint, Pigment, Dyestuff, Coating Printing Ink, for mixing, Dispersing, grinding
  • Best use of Disperser is to dissolve and disperseion of Liquid and Liquid with solids.
  • Disperser is availabe in Manual or Hydraulic Up and Down Arrangment.
  • High Speed Dispersion machine has Starting Capacity Ranging from 50 litrer to 1000 liters
  • Suitable for Putty, Primers, Distempers, Plastic paint , Exterior emulsions & premium wall finishes for Paint, Pigment, Dyestuff, Coating Printing Ink, for mixing, Dispersing, grinding.
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    High-speed Disperser is to dissolve, disperse and mix materials with different viscosity. Through the very high peripheral tip speed of the toothed disc, the strong shearing, crashing and friction forces generated between the materials and toothed disc disperse, dissolve and mix the materials efficiently.

    Working Principle

    Through the high-speed rotation dispersing disc, the materials will become in annular form flow, resulting in strong vortex flow, which descend down to the bottom of the vortex in spiral state. During the process, materials are dispersed, dissolved, mixed and emulsified efficiently due to the strong shearing crash and friction among the particles.
    The hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic cylinder ascend and descend, which drives the whole transmission and working set up and down.

    Technical Data Sheet:

      HSD5.5 HSD7.5 HSD11 HSD15 HSD18.5 HSD22 HSD30
    Main motor power (kW) 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30
    Dispersion shaft speed (r/min) 0-1500 0-1200 0-1000
    Height of shaft lifting (mm) 900 1200 1400
    Estimated processing batch≤L(we take water as example) 350 400 450 500 700 1000 1500
    Dispersion discs diameter (mm) L 1655 2150 2120
    W 570 800 900
    Net weight (kg) 1140 1155 1165 1830 1850 1885 2000

    Note: Above data may be change without prior notice

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